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Top 10 Essential Power Tools You Need for Home Upkeep and DIY Projects in Ghana

If you are homeowners who know how to repair home things, you may need some tools. These tools make your work easier, so these tools are recommended to the house owners to have in their hands. You don’t need to purchase every tool from the list, but we refer you to purchase the tools which you need more.

It is also a good idea that you should add the essential power tools to your list after some time. You should rank the tools according to your usage of that tools. Buy these essential power tools you need for home upkeep and DIY projects in Ghana.

Here are the top 10 power tools that you need more.

1. Cordless drill

The best cordless drills are powered by Cetech department hardware store. If you want to purchase any power tools the cordless drill should priority. These drills usually contain a small battery that makes them easy for portable. Cordless drills also have the power to drive the screws through some wide material, like a piece of wood.

Cordless drills are used in different projects like putting a hole in the wall, window or anywhere cordless drill can do for you. There are many types of cordless drills visit or call CETECH Ghana to try available stocks.

2. Chop saw

 The second most used tool for home is chops saw. It is also known as compound miter saws. Chop saws use to cut PVC pipes, aluminum, wood, and other materials using circular blades. Chop saw is a heavy power machine for cutting heavy-duty items. Chop saw has a perpendicular blade that strictly cuts at 90∘. Chop saw is useful for building homes. Chop saws take more space so if the room space is not much more then you should use a basic smaller model.

3. Circular saw

A Circular saw is a high-powered tool it is an old but very useable tool for home tools. You can cut the long wood and long panels. Circular saws have adjustable blades which help you to score the point and cut easily. Chop saw the blade move in a circular motion.

It is perfect for cutting straight wood and also cut with a bevel shape. Usually, we use this powerful tool for cutting a wide variety of materials. We can cut wood which is common but also we can cut plastic metal, and masonry. Two models can be used for the worm drive, this model is an upgraded model that generates more power and torque, but for simple small work, you can use its simple model like skill saws is a good option.

4. Table saw

The table saw is include a table round and this is in the middle which rotates. The table saw is mainly used for deep cuts, and cutting the wood at an angle. If you want to cut the wood with an accurate point table saw will be your first option.

Table saws are very powerful so they cut the wood in a very quick way. Most of the table saws are driven by electric motors so we can’t carry this machine with us. But if you need the portable option so you should go for the compact version it may handle the vast majority of your preferred needs.

5. Angle grinder

This power tool is used for cutting and polishing many varieties of materials. An angle grinder can cut steel, tiles, rebar, or hog wires. The grinder contains a small disk that spins with high RPM and grinds the materials. The disk is very cheap and specially designed for metals or masonry. With this grinder, we can use two types of disk, thin disk, and fat disk. A thin disk is used in trimming the pipes, tiles, and rebar.

But the fat disk is used for removing the spots in concrete, and also removing the rust from materials. An angle grinder is different from the other power grinder because they are used on 90∘. This grinder can help us to get into places where we wouldn’t be able to reach.  An angle grinder also reduces the side force that other power tools create.  

6. Impact driver

The impact driver is very similar to a cordless drill and also looks like a cordless drill. But this power toll can produce more force than other average drills. They’re a wonderful power tool in extensive and more demanding projects.

In the construction industry impact, on the diver is very important. With the help of this tool, we can frequently join the big screws and nails instead of small nails and screws. Because with this tool you can complete your task in 10 seconds which takes 10 minutes with a hand crank. The impact driver applies power full bursts to make the thin turn without destroying the motors because other motors burn out the drills faster than this tool.

7. Orbital sander 

 An orbital electric sander is used in every home improvement project. Every contractor and DIYer should have this sander. Sanding large things is very slow and tiring work, but an orbital sander can complete our work in less time also in a good way. Most of the sanders sand without leaving the scratch on materials. Orbital sanders work on the edges of the finished design. The sanding disk moves in small ellipses, for example, planets move in orbit around the sun because orbital sanders are used to get the corners against the edges. And also leave fewer scratches.

8. Nail Gun and Air Compressor

Nail guns use to shoot the nails. A nail gun is a replacement for a hammer which is a play important role in the projects of nails. If you want to use the nails and you have a nail gun so you don’t care for your arms because in any project of nails if you use a hammer it can harm your arm.

Many nail guns are used with an air compressor. If we work with the nail gun on the nail project the nails holes can be invisible and that looks very clean and decent. Air compressors are also used for spray paint or with a blowgun.

9. Jigsaw

Jigsaws can be used to make complicated shapes and can cut that shapes into different varieties and curves. Jigsaw also can adjust the angle of its blade and give more versatile results. This power tool is used for softwood because of its thin blade also. It is used for making boxes, and picture frames, cutting wood, and metals, and making curves. Jigsaw use is less than other machines, but it is a very useful tool that is not expensive.

10. Oscillating cutter 

Some works only need this cutter, for example, if you want to trim anything inside the wall and you don’t want to open the whole wall and it’s hard to reach. You can use the small blades of a cutter because without any loss you can do your work.

The oscillating cutter uses a flat bar that vibrates with high frequency and makes the cuts easily. When you own this powerful tool you can discover all kinds of different uses, like trimming the pipes, clearing the grout, open the old walls. Some cutters come with grinding and sanding toll. 

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