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6 Types of Grinders in Ghana for Sale & Where to Buy Grinding Machines at Good Prices

Manufacturing comprises different procedures and grinding is one of them. Grinding is highly important in bringing the manufacturing process to completion. Hence, it can be said to be a finishing process.

Grinding requires the use of abrasives and a grinding machine, to remove or cut materials from a workpiece. It is a process used to refine workpieces to give them the desired profile.

Grinding machines, also known as grinders, are used in both large and small-scale enterprises to make grinding processes easier and faster. A grinder can perform multiple functions, such as grinding, cutting, furbishing, refining, and other processes involved in reducing workpieces to their target sizes.

It has a grinding wheel which rotates with the help of an electrical motor. There are different grinding wheels depending on the grinding function. If you are confused about the grinding wheel to choose for your machines, visit our website for help on all that concerns grinding tools.

Do you want to know more about grinders? Keep reading to find out more. In this article, you will not only be informed about 6 different types of grinders, but you will also know which grinder is best suitable for whatever grinding purpose you seek to achieve.

6 Different Types of Grinders You Can Buy in Ghana

These different grinding machines work in various ways to achieve the purpose of grinding, shaping, cutting, polishing and refining workpieces. Choosing a suitable grinder depends on the type of workpiece involved, as well as the purpose you seek to achieve with the grinding process. Most of these grinders are named based on their original uses, the surfaces they work on, and their designs or positions while in operation.

However, since grinding processes involve the use of friction, you should not forget to follow the metal workshop safety rules, such as the use of protective clothing, safety goggles and gloves. This is to prevent some workshop accidents and to protect you from flying chips and sparks. We care about your safety too!

Here is a list of 6 main types of grinders that are used for different purposes.

1. Bench grinder

2. Angle grinder

3. Wet grinder

4. Belt grinder

5. Floor grinder

6. Die grinder

Now, let’s go into detail about these 6 different types of grinders and how they function.


If you are looking for a handy tool that can sharpen your other tools, then the versatile and easy-to-use bench grinder is here for you. This machine comprises two grinding wheels of different grain sizes, which enable it to perform an array of functions. It is primarily used to reshape and sharpen workpieces. Bench grinders do not involve complex processes, and a beginner can quickly learn to use them with ease. It differs from most grinders because it is mounted on a bench and this is how it got its name.


This makes use of a coolant. A common coolant used is water, and it serves to lubricate and maintain the grinding wheel. A wet grinder works to give a desirable smooth surface texture.


Being the most common type of grinder, the angle grinder is a handheld tool that is very easy to use. It got its name from the position of the grinding wheel to the shaft of the grinder, which is at a right-angled position. Its positioning makes it a versatile tool that can be used for different purposes, such as polishing, cutting, deburring, and sharpening materials.

It makes use of discs that can be changed depending on the specific purpose and material involved. Just like bench grinders, angle grinders are not that complicated to work with. If you are looking to buy the best angle grinder power tool or if you are looking for hardware shop prices of angle grinders for sale in Ghana, CETECH is your all-in-one shop for that. It is a power tool outlet for buying cheap, high-quality angle grinding machines for sale in Ghana.


A belt grinding machine is mostly used on metal workpieces. It works with the use of abrasive belts that are used for grinding, linishing and shaping metal surfaces. It serves versatile functions in metal manufacturing processes and this makes it a handy tool in metal works.

However, belt grinders should not be mistaken for belt sanders. The major difference between a belt grinder and a belt sander is that while belt grinders work primarily on metal surfaces and perform multiple functions such as grinding, sharpening, refining and deburring metallic surfaces, belt sanders have limited functions and work with sandpapers to smoothen other materials, especially wood.


Floor grinders are used in refining and polishing floor surfaces. The abrasive pads placed beneath the floor grinder are used to grind the floor surfaces. This grinder serves the purpose of reshaping uneven surfaces and finishing floor surfaces to the desired surface texture. It smoothens surfaces and helps get rid of some hard-to-remove items on the floor. It helps to give a suitable surface finish.


Of course, it is called a die grinder for a reason. No need to be scared. This grinder was not named because it grinds to kill. Rather, it was named because of its original purpose. Die grinders were first used in die pattern-making industries. They were originally used in both mold and tool workshops to grind and create the desired profiles of dies or molds used for tooling. They are handheld tools that typically work with compressed air at high speed. It is this compressed air that powers the grinding wheel.

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