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8 Types of Circular Saw in Ghana for Sale & Where to Buy Saw Machines at Good Prices

A circular saw is an electric power tool saw machine that makes use of an abrasive or toothed disc to cut through different materials in a rotary motion. Circular saws are different from a hole or ring saw, but they both have the same rotary motion. They are known as power tools and are used in cutting stiff or soft materials. There are different types of circular saws that operate on specific materials.

In this article, I will be sharing a thorough review of each of them by describing their limitations and functionality in great detail. It will assist amateur and unprofessional woodworkers in choosing a particular type of circular saw for their projects. So make sure you grab some beer and read to the end.

Some of the best features of a Circular saw are its portability and mobility. That’s you can easily move them from one place to another without stress. Without wasting much of your time, below are 11 types of Circular saws – including their pros, cons, uses, and prices.

*Disclaimer: you are not expected to rely solely on the prices given below as they tend to change from both online/offline stores.*

8 Types of Circular Saws, Prices, and their Uses

1. Worm Drive Circular Saw

Worm drive circular saws are majorly used for long rip cuts. They have their blades placed right in front of their motor. This type of circular saw is usually slow in action but they are powerful. They provide great torque with the use of gearings.

In addition, worm drive saws were made convenient for right-handed users; as the blades are located on the left side of the tool. Couple with this is a strong handle that provides a good grip.


a. It delivers massive power.

b. It goes through the stiff materials easily.

c. It also enhances the user’s reach to the cutting spot.


a. They are heavily weighted.

b. They are more beneficial to the professionals

c. They are tough to hold.

Price: $179 (CETECH Ghana)

2. Sidewinder Circular Saw:

These types of saws are mostly used for long vertical cuts such as plywood woods and chipboards. They are lighter in weight and larger in size but they don’t lessen performance. Also, you stand a chance of getting better performance if the blade is configured correctly.

The motor of the Sidewinder circular saw is usually placed on one side of the tool. The transformation of the power blade is usually done by a gear set that is 90 degrees aligned.


a. They are very handy to use.

b. They are portable.

c. They generate a very good speed without consuming a lot of power.

Price: $135 (CETECH Ghana)

3. Corded Circular Saw:

Corded circular saws are very powerful saws that are used in cutting hard wooden objects. Supply cords form the power source for Corded saws which was why it was named Corded saw. Though a power generator can alternatively be used as a power source. The use of an infinite power supply makes them work for a very long period with more efficiency.

In addition, they are used to cut metals by swapping different blade types as demanded by the material. Due to all these features and characteristics, they are the most preferred choice in the market.


a. It has larger blades that are best used for cutting hard wooden pieces.

b. It also generates enough speed that is needed to cut hard materials easily.

c. It is a ready-to-go type of electric tool.

Price: $39 – $129 (CETECH Ghana)

4. Cold Saws

Cold saws are majorly used to cut hard metals with high accuracy. They are fixed place saws with a cooling system attached to them to avoid materials getting hot. It also includes Sparks that help keep the moving assembly cooler and blade in a long working condition.

Cold saws make use of tungsten-tipped saw blades or high-speed steel blades. But they are both resharpenable which is well appreciated by most woodworkers.


a. It keeps both edges clean and tidy.

b. They are adaptive to any type of material.

c. Completes the job flawlessly.


a. There are a lot of vibrations when in use.

b. The lifespan of the blades is shortened by hard materials.

Price: $7000 – $8000 (Google)

5. Abrasive Circular Saw:

Abrasive Circular saws are mostly used for hard materials such as ceramics or heavy and thick metals. They aren’t conventional saws that make use of toothed blades. Instead, they make use of frictional discs.

One of its major drawbacks is that produces a lot of noise and heat because of the friction enforce in cutting materials. The abrasive friction discs create a lot of excessive friction with the material, which in turn heats up, softens, and eventually tears it apart.


a. Abrasive friction discs aren’t dull in producing quick successions.

b. Abrasive friction disc cut metals faster in comparison with other mate cutting power.

c. A dedicated object spot makes the disc free of burden.


a. They can’t cut through carbides.

b. They work fine on straighter lengths; can’t cut through a round or square objects.

Price: $100 – $260 (

6. Cordless Circular Saw:

Cordless circular saws are the most preferable among woodworkers due to their mobility features. The lightweight saw makes it easy and fast while doing overhead operations.

A Cordless circular saw comes with a removable lithium-ion battery with different capacities. The capacity of your Cordless saw depends on how expensive or cheap it’s. Also, they possess the same behavior as soft and hard materials.

Furthermore, corded or cordless circular saws are entirely different from each other. While the corded circular saw makes use of power supply outlets to make the motor run; the cordless saw is the power-providing method that gets all its required energy from a lithium-ion battery.


a. They are light weighted and mobile.

b. Cordless circular saws are very convenient at workplaces.


a. Power issues limit users from taking longer and tougher projects.

b. Dependency on battery reduces working hours for the user.

c. Recharging of battery reduces work speed for the user.

Price: $100 – $230 (

7. Compact or mini circular saw

As the implies, this type of equipment is usually manhandled. They are best used for smaller projects. Also, they are not meant to work for a long period. Likewise, they are not able to work under the pressure of cutting hardwoods or metal.


a. You can move them easily.

b. They are light-weighted

c. They are the best choice for cutting narrow spaces.

Price: $50 – $150 (

8. Miter Saw

Miter saws are used for cross-cutting and not for ripping. They can handle blades effectively as well as beveling them. There is also the possibility of the model being altered due to blade angling. The most preferred and recommended is the miter which can angle the blades from anywhere between 0 and 60 degrees.

The Miter saw is subdivided into chopping and the compound miter saw:

I. The Compound Miter Saw:

The miter saw in charge of the beveling and angling of the blades is known as the compound miter saw. It has a revolving adjustment handle that makes it happen.

ii. Chop Miter Saw:

In Chop Miter saw there is no bevel adjustment as it can go down the bed. Because of this, it’s popularly referred to as the chop Miter saw.


a. It reduces the time taken for the job.

b. The locking feature of the tool makes it safe.

c. You can easily.


a. Electricity is paramount in working efficiently, but when the reverse is the case then problems set in.

b. It as well creates a lot of dirt in the workspace.

Where to Buy Circular Saws Online / Offline in Ghana

There are many hardware stores online and offline to buy affordable and quality circular saws of your choice or type. The one thing you should have in mind is that not all prices are the same; as they differ from brand to brand and based on the model, power rating, and other factors. So we recommend you visit or call to speak to a sales assistant at CETECH Ghana as you make your buy decision.


There are varieties of circular saws based on their functionalities and capabilities. While some were made for the professionals, others were designed for beginners. As a beginner or professional woodworker, all you have to do is to assess your level of specialty before attempting to buy any of the equipment above.

Your level of technical know-how will go a long way in deciding how effective and efficient you will be in handling those tools. So make sure you master the basics first, before diving into advanced equipment.

Finally, there are a lot of hardware stores in Ghana that sell affordable and cheap circular saws. Make sure you do your homework first before purchasing any power tools online or offline.

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