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Types of Jigsaws in Ghana for Sale & Where to Buy Jigsaw Machines at Good Prices

If you are beginning with woodworking and don’t have a financial plan to accustom various cutting tools, then, at that point, reach out to CETECH DEPARTMENT HARDWARE STORE and begin with a jigsaw. CETECH is the best hardware store in Ghana that sells jigsaw tools with different materials. Due to its small size, a jigsaw is not difficult to use without requiring any earlier mastery. Furthermore, they cost a lot less than heavy-duty machine saws. You can buy power tools of affordable quality at CETECH DEPARTMENT HARDWARE STORE.

What are the different types of jigsaws to buy?

Two primary electric jigsaws are powered by mains electricity, and a battery drives cordless models. Pneumatic jigsaws, which run on compressed air, are likewise accessible, although these are rarely utilized.

Corded Jigsaw

Utmost jigsaws are corded and run-on mains electricity. Since corded models are associated with a steady power outlet, they are dependable and can be employed without impedance. They are likewise more remarkable than the cordless performances of the tool. Corded jigsaws are accessible with a scope of various wattages, going from 400W to 900W.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Consistent in performance
  • Comes with a powerful motor


  • Cannot work in spaces where there is no power supply
  • The cord is a constant disturbance

Cordless jigsaws

Cordless jigsaws have become progressively popular as of late. Since a power cord doesn’t restrict them, they offer more opportunities for development than corded models. However, because of their battery packs, they will generally be heavier. The force of a cordless jigsaw relies upon its battery’s voltage rating, which can go from 12 to 36V.


  • Portable
  • Accompanies with rechargeable batteries
  • Reasonable to work in restricted spaces


  • Not quite as powerful as corded jigsaws

Pneumatic jigsaws

Pneumatic jigsaws work related to an air compressor. They are exceptionally powerful and generally utilized in an expert setting for heavy-duty cutting tasks. DIYers rarely utilize pneumatic jigsaws.

They are lighter than electrical models and are self-cooling, so they will probably not overheat. This is especially helpful while slicing through materials like metal or fiberglass.


  • Reasonable for heavy-duty cutting
  • Self-cooling instrument
  • Incredibly powerful


•   Costly

Features to Look for When Choosing to Buy a Jigsaw

When you want to mentally bend cuts on plywood, particle board, or other moderately slim materials, scarcely any power tools are as convenient as a jigsaw. Among fine woodworkers, jigsaws are now and again insulted for the affinity of the blades to bend and destroy straight cuts, yet these dangers are reasonable for most DIYers and relaxed crafters.

The chance of an angled cut shouldn’t keep you from adding one of these versatile, compact power instruments to your collection. A decent jigsaw with legitimate features will be a workhorse in your workshop.

Features to Look For; Expensive, great jigsaws feature two principal includes for their additional expense: orbital activity and variable speed. Several features are less basic; however, they might be significant for you.

Jigsaw Orbital Action

A standard action jigsaw moves the jigsaw blade exclusively in an all-over movement. Conversely, in an orbital-activity jigsaw, the blade moves somewhat forward and into the workpiece on the rise, then reverses on the downstroke as the blade resets for the following cutting stroke. The movement of the blade is somewhat circular, which limits the wear on the blade and disposes of the chattering activity that occasionally happens with less expensive saws. The point of the activity can commonly be adapted to various materials. The cuts on an orbital-action jigsaw are often smoother than with standard-action saws.

Jigsaw Variable Speeds

Second, better-quality jigsaws will include variable velocities. Simultaneously, this isn’t generally essential when woodworking; it is particularly valuable assuming the jigsaw is utilized to cut metals, where slower velocities make for better cutting. Slower speeds can likewise be useful while making perplexing curve cuts. Even though it may not be utilized frequently, variable speed options would be an incredible decision while buying your next jigsaw.

Jigsaw Motor Power

The more remarkable the motor is, the more productively the cutting occurs. Continuously look at the amps by reading the product’s description. A jigsaw with a motor rating of 6.5 or 7 amps is viewed as perfect than a motor of 5 amps or less.

Jigsaw Depth of Cut

Most jigsaws will slice up to 2 inches of depth in woodworking applications and around 1/2 inch on metal. Some jigsaws might highlight a marginally more profound cut. However, this isn’t helpful on a jigsaw, as the deeper the activity, the better the blade bending and breaking opportunity.

Since jigsaw blades generally bend, especially on thicker stock, a profound cutting depth is bound to make an undesirable angled cut. Try not to slice straightforwardly up to your cut line to battle this. All things being equal, leave a touch of material close to the line (1/8 inch is acceptable), and afterward, utilize a wavering drum sander to complete down to the line.

Jigsaw Corded versus Cordless

Most makers presently offer cordless jigsaws. Although these tools are historically not as powerful as their corded partners, late upgrades in battery innovation have decreased the gap. Notwithstanding, a corded model is still better if you purchase a solitary jigsaw, as it will handle all stock and cutting obligations. A cordless jigsaw makes a decent second tool if you are a craftsperson who claims various models of a similar tool.

Jigsaw Scrolling Saws

A few sorts of jigsaws are promoted as scroll saws. They have a sharp edge knob on top of the tool’s body, directly by the blade, that permits the blade to pivot while cut. In principle, this feature should make it simpler to cut tight curves, yet the issue with these saws is that strain behind the blade should be kept steady to control the cut, which can be difficult when the knob is gone to a sharp point. Numerous woodworkers find that scrolling overcapacity isn’t required and may try and be counter-useful in specific circumstances.

Jigsaw Laser Guide Line

Some new jigsaw models accompany a laser rule that projects a slight red cutting line from the front of the saw, like the laser lines frequently tracked down on modern circular saws. This can be useful for keeping a straight cutting line with a jigsaw, which is normally inclined to winding as you attempt to follow a straight line.

Jigsaw Dust Blower

A few jigsaws likewise include a dust blower that blows the air stream to drive sawdust, debris, and jetsam away. This is valuable to clear the track as you cut through the wood. With a dust blower, you don’t need to clean the dust physically; blow the air, and that’s all. However, the force of the air stream can be changed.

Jigsaw Toolless Blade Change

These days, taking the blade off in the jigsaws is simple. More established saws, in any case, would require a tool to slacken the blade and set another one. The new saws accompanying a lever-action blade change needn’t bother with any additional tools.

Jigsaw Shoe Bevel

Most jigsaws have flexible shoes that permit you to point the tool for incline cuts. However, the best tools will have preset stops at the normal points, like 22 1/2, 45, and 60 degrees. Stay away from saws with stepped aluminum shoes; better tools have projected steel bases.

Jigsaw Additional Features

A splinter control shoe, a little supplement on the jigsaw shoe, helps downplay fragmenting. A trigger lock permits you to lock the jigsaw to a specific speed. A dust collection sack is tracked down on certain models. This feature might merit searching for if you have aversions to wood dust. A few models can be associated with a shop vacuum for complete dust management.

There are likewise intangibles to consider. Handle shape and padding might distinguish between a jigsaw you love to utilize and one that leaves you with a squeezing hand following a couple of work moments. A tool promoted as “low-vibration” may likewise offer a striking benefit for you.

Bottom Line

Of the different additional features accessible, variable speed might be the main, trailed by orbital action. Past this, the decision of extra features is, to a great extent, an individual inclination. Search for the features that are essential to you and disregard the others. You can also visit CETECH DEPARTMENT HARDWARE STORE, where you can buy electric jigsaws online/offline in Ghana. CETECH provides quality power tools and sells shop equipment at a cheaper price.

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